giovedì 29 ottobre 2015

REACTION TO: Quake Live 2015 UPDATE for Steam

Quake Live 2015 is only on Steam with the october 2015 update. This is my reaction when I went to see my old game statistics. MAGICOLO IS HUNGRY, this is not good.
From authors: Quake Live now supports Steam Workshop; LAN and Dedicated Servers! ...

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venerdì 23 ottobre 2015

Back To The Future: Clock Tower Scene - WTF GAMES 2015

Back To The Future: Clock Tower Scene gameplay: Martin is stuck in 1955! He has one last chance to get back to his own time. That is to catch the light tower! If he fails, he won't be able to pass that time dimension, so he will never be born! To set things right he needs to drive the timemachine car invented by the professor. It doesn't look too easy though, this car is the kind that can fly. He has never seen one like it. How about you? Can you drive this car and save Martin from the past?